Short Film  |  Not Rated  |  23 mins  |  27 August 2010

In high school, FLETCHER starred as the titular character in the short film, How Katie Howard Found Herself. Unfortunately, there is no platform to watch the short film on.

The official IMBd page says:

‘How Katie Howard Found Herself’ is a short film about an in-confident teenage girl, Katie Howard, who feels invisible and disliked amongst her peers. Things change for Katie when a group of popular girls in the school approach Katie with the idea of a transformation before taking her to the weekend’s biggest party. For Katie, things seem to good to be true, but she doesn’t want to believe it’s too good to be true, so she willingly lets the girls make her over. Little does Katie know, the intentions of her new friends aren’t as innocent as they seem.


Rated: Not Rated
Role: Katie Howard
Director: Ryan Hutchins
Writer(s): Ryan Hutchins
Release Date(s): 2010 (USA)