EP  |  Pop  |  21 mins 30 secs  |  9 September 2020

“The S(Ex) Tapes” is FLETCHER’s third EP. Her hit, single, “Bitter” with Kito and Trevor Daniel is featured on the album along with “Feel”, “If I Hated You”, and “The One” . The EP was recorded during the COVID-19 lock down when FLETCHER had quarantined with her Ex-girlfriend of 4 years, Shannon Beveridge. The two collaborated on this project together. Shannon directed and shot each music video for the songs. The EP was originally scheduled to be released on September 18, but FLETCHER decided to leak it herself, 9 days early. Within hours of the album dropping, it had climbed to the top of the Apple Music “Top Albums” chart.

FLETCHER has talked to many outlets about the “The S(ex) Tapes”. She has mentioned that the EP is “intimately documented [her] personal journey over the last few years, including the tension between being in love and learning to stand on her own for the first time.”

In an interview, FLETCHER told Teen Vogue:

“This EP is so much more raw. I don’t really have any answers and I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m just really in it. In its raw form, a sex tape is somebody in their most vulnerable form and barest state. The reason why I felt comfortable filming and doing that is because it was shot by her — by somebody that has always looked at me through a lens of the utmost love and respect and has always seen me for me”


Type: EP (Extended Play)
Label: Capitol Records, Snapback Entertainment LLC, Universal Music Group
Writer(s): FLETCHER, Caitlyn Smith, Caroline Ailin, Caroline Pennell, Emily Warren, Ilsey, Jennifer Decilveo, Kito, Malay, Mary Weitz, MoZella & Noonie Bao
Producers: Jennifer Decilveo, Kito & Malay
Release Date: 9 September 2020


1. “Silence” 2:36
2. “If I Hated You” 3:33
3. “Bitter” (ft. Kito) 3:14
4. “The One” 3:01
5. “Shh…Don’t Say It” 2:48
6. “Feel” 3:02
7. “Sex (With My Ex)” 3:12
Total Length:
Extended Tracks (click to view)
8. “Silence” (MUNA Remix) [feat. Blu DeTiger] 2:37




“Silence” is the first song on the EP. It was released with the EP on September 9, 2020.

In an Interview with Apple Music, FLETCHER said,

“I wrote this with Emily Warren and Caroline Ailin, the duo behind many of Dua Lipa’s hits, and it’s exactly the stage I’m going through right now. The idea behind the song is wrestling with this feeling that you still have some growing up to do. It goes: “All I need is time and space and silence/Cut communication because I’m trying/To learn that I can lose you and survive it.” It’s about that gut instinct of knowing that you need to be by yourself and gain some more life experience before you can be a good, mature partner. The bassline is my absolute favorite. It’s by this really badass bassist chick named Blue DeTiger who was going to play with me on the road before quarantine hit. Maybe next year.”

While talking to Teen Vogue, FLETCHER said,

“It’s about needing the time and the space to be away from somebody and to sit with things by yourself and process what you need to process, to grow and to do the things that you feel you need to do.”

If I Hated You

“If I Hated You” is the leading single from the EP. The song was released before the album on August 12, 2020.

FLETCHER told Apple Music,

“This was the very first song I wrote for the project. It’s about how when things get hard, it’s easier to be angry than it is to be sad. To think to yourself, “This would be so much easier if I hated you, and I kind of wish you had done something to fuck me over so that I had more of a reason to just split. But the reality, of course, is that you’re so understanding and compassionate and you get me, so I keep coming back.”


“Bitter” (with Kito) is the official lead single from the EP. The song was not planned to be released, but due to fan reuqest, it was. “Bitter” was first heard in the 6th episode of, The L Word: Generation Q. The song was officially released on May 13, 2020. There is another version featuring Trevor Daniel. Both versions have their own music videos.

In conversation with Apple Music, FLETCHER siad:

“Sometimes you want to move on to a new person but you know you aren’t ready, and that’s a tug-of-war that you have with yourself. To be broken up with somebody that you still really care about, that’s painful. And as easy as it sounds to move on with someone new, that’s actually very hard.”

The One

“The One” is the third single from the EP – being released just days before the rest of the EP on September 4, 2020.

In an interview with Apple Music, FLETCHER said:

“The inspiration behind this song’s production was very Jersey. Being from New Jersey and going to fist-pumpy clubs my whole life, that Jersey house beat hits close to home. It feels carefree and young. Me exploring my sexuality is something that’s been a big conversation in this relationship, and “The One” is about the times that you do feel sexy, bold, and free—and empowered to explore your own process. The lyrics say, “You’re not the one/But you’re the one right now.” It’s casual. Sexuality is a really nuanced and confusing thing, and as a queer woman, I view it in a pretty fluid way. Learning that in the context of a relationship in which I still really love somebody has been very complicated, but I still deserve that opportunity to understand myself.”

Shh...Don't Say It

“Shh..Don’t Say It” was released with the EP on September 9, 2020. In an interview with Teen vogue, FLETCHER said:

“…but then comes “Shh… Don’t Say It,” which warns a potential new paramour you’re still broken, and the best they’ll get from you is a short-term rebound. That’s Fletcher’s favorite song on the album, which she loves because it reminds her of the Jersey house music she listened to growing up, but also because of its honesty. “It’s like, please don’t tell me you love me, I don’t want to feel guilty,” she says. “I have so much of my own emotional baggage right now that it’s overweight at the airport.”

FLETCHER told Apple Music,

“Britney Spears’ Blackout was a huge inspiration for this one, as was Timbaland and Tame Impala—that super lush guitar sound underneath each verse. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made. Lyrically, it’s the stage after “The One,” when somebody tells you they love you and you just cannot hear it. Literally, it’s me saying, “Please shut up. Don’t tell me that. I can’t handle any more emotional baggage. I’m still in love with my ex. This was supposed to be casual.”


“Feel” is the third single from the S(Ex) Tapes EP. It was released on August 21, 2020. FLETCHER performed it for the first time turning her European headlining tour in 2019.

In an interview with Apple Music, FLETCHER said:

“The album traces my own personal experiences, so “Feel” is the next logical moment after “Don’t say It”. Like, after the numbing and distractions stop working and you’ve gone out a million times, reality sets in and that person isn’t there anymore. That’s “Feel”. Sitting on the floor in the shower, crying, because seeing other people doesn’t make me forget about you. It was written by Jenn Decilveo, who I wrote “All Love” with, and this incredible singer-songwriter Caitlyn Smith, who is based out of Nashville. When I heard it, it was in a voice memo with maybe one guitar, but I was mid-breakup, so it completely crushed me. I knew I had to put my own take on it.”

Sex (With My Ex)

“Sex (With My Ex)” was released with the EP on September 9, 2020. In an interview with Apple Music, FLETCHER said:

“Ah, the “I miss you” text. I was pretty reluctant to put this song out because it’s so personal and fresh, but it is an important piece of the story. The last lyric is “Goodbye forever/Until next time,” which is honestly the way we ended up. Limbo. but who hasn’t been there? This was probably the hardest song on the EP to write, but in the end, I knew that’s why I had to write it. It was a rip-the-Band-Aid-off moment, and hopefully it will help me better understand who I am.”


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“Bitter” (ft. Kito)

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“Bitter” (feat. Trevor Daniel)

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“If I Hated You”

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“The One”

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“Feel” (A Capella)

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“Shh… Don’t Say It”

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“Sex (with My Ex)”

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