Single  |  Pop  |  2 mins 41 secs  |  8 October 2021

“Girls Girls Girls” (stylized as girls girls girls) was released on October 8, 2021. The song samples Katy Perry’s, “I Kissed a Girl”. The song was rumored to be on FLETHER’s debut debut album, but ended up remaining a solo single.

During a TikTok live, FLETCHER mentioned that she pulled some inspiration from Taylor Swift by saying:

I was invited to Taylor Swift’s birthday party in December 2019. She was drinking an Old Fashioned and I asked her, ‘what is that? What’s that drink?’ She was like, ‘It’s an Old Fashioned. It’s like a man’s drink’.
and I was like ‘Well, you’re the fucking man’. [and] That interaction is the reason why in ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ I put ‘sipped her like an Old Fashioned’. Cause I thought it was so hot that Taylor Swift was drinking fucking Old Fashioned. And I’m like I need to find a way – I need to tell her that she inspired that lyric. So, “sipped her like an Old Fashioned” came from out President, Taylor Swift

FLETCHER told Euphoria:

I remember my mom was dropping me off at school one day in 2008 and ‘I Kissed a Girl’ came on the radio, and my mom kind of gasped at the lyrics… I had this moment in my head where I was like, ‘Fuck, I think I might like girls.’ In a lot of ways that song really marked the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-exploration and coming into my queerness and learning how to express my truth in a bold and unapologetic way. ‘girls girls girls’ is the freedom and the celebration I’ve been craving my whole life, and a way for me to share my own perspective and journey while honoring a song that empowered me to embark on it in the first place.


Type: Single (Song)
Label: Capitol Records, Snapback Entertainment LLC, Universal Music Group
Writer(s): FLETCHER, Dr. Luke, Cathy Dennis, Max Martin, Katy Perry, Mary Weitz, Jonas W. Karlsson, Madison Love, Kito
Producer(s): Kito
Release Date: 8 October 2021


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