Fabulous Fletcher

The utlimate source for everything fletcher

Fabulous Fletcher

The utlimate source for everything fletcher
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Welcome to FABULOUS FLETCHER — The first full fansite and most up-to-date source for everything related to singer and song-writer, (Cari) Fletcher. She is most known for her hit singles, “Undrunk”, “Bitter” and her debut album, Girl of My Dreams. Feel free to look around the site to see all that it offers. Make sure to visit often for latest news, photos, videos and more!
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2024 Rebrand + New Look

February 1, 2024

Hello everyone,

A new year means a fresh rebrand and look! The site has gone through some major changes as of 2024. Introducing Fletcher (cari-fletcher.com) is now Fabulous Fletcher at cari-fletcher.fansplace.org! To reflect the website changes, our email and twitter/x have changed. Below is a list/breakdown

WEBSITE NAME:Introducing FletcherFabulous Fletcher
WEBSITE URL:cari-fletcher.comcari-fletcher.fansplace.org
TWITTER / X:@CariFletcherCom / @IntroFletcher@FabFletcherSite (open link)